Fluges patent as

Fluges patent as is a Norwegian patent agency, based in Fredrikstad Innovasjonspark just outside of Fredrikstad. We support corporations and business owners with patent, design and trademark protection globally. More than 90 % of our patent cases are drafted in-house, and whether you are a small business owner or a larger corporation, we do our outmost to fulfil your needs.

If you have a brilliant idea or just a simple question, give us a call to get in contact with one of our experts.

As a supplier of quality services within the IP area, our main concern is our clients and their interests. According to our internal ethical guidelines, we will always make sure that our attorneys can give undivided loyalty to each individual client, such that they can always advise and act in the client’s best interests.

The European Patent Attorneys of our firm are
members of the European Patent Institute
(epi, http://www.patentepi.com) and as such
subject to its Code of Professional Conduct
and the Regulation on Discipline issued by
the Administrative Council of the European
Patent Organisation (http://www.patentepi.com).